a temporary township for Samajik Kumbh

Chipri is a village with a population of 1200 people and located at district Tikamgarh. We created a temporary and well organized township for Samajik Kumbh in approximately 100 acres of area spotted by trust. We accomplished this work successfully with the help of Shri Rawatpura Lok Kalyan Trust and local administration.

Samajik Kumbh - Chipri

First step of the event was the creation of Yagyashala named “Shriniwas Mandapam”  was created by special artists of Allahabad. They created a 7 floor huge and beautiful 108 kundiya yagyashala with a sitting capacity of approximately 1500 people. We have called 750 Yagyacharya and acharya from Chitrakoot, Banaras, Jabalpur, Rawatpura, Vrindavan to perform the sacrificial ladle at Chipri. A circuit was also created around the yagyashala in which thousands of adorer used to perform “Parikarama” every day 24x7.

Second step was giving shape to “Vyankatesh Mandapam” which we have planned to create for all cultural activities. It was a spacious dome with a size of 250x600 sqft. In this dome performing stage size was 100x80 sqft. Two green rooms of size 15x30 sqft and a VIP lounge was also created in the dome for performing artists and VIPs. The sitting capacity in the dome was about 50, 000 people per day.  The daily schedule in the Vyankatesh Mandapam was to start with Bhagwat katha, cultural performance by International level artists, Ramleela, Raasleela. All the performing artist were arranged by our team from various places of India whether its Bhagwatgeetacharya or Raamleela-raasleela artist or performing artist. All coordination was done by the team of Tushar with the help and support of local administration and police. Apart from this every day there was a program to honour deserved people who have their major contribution towards society and country. Shri Maharaj jee himself use to honor all estimable people with a memento every day.

Additionally, we have structured accommodation in the form of Swiss cottages, EP Tents and relief tents (choldaari). Every day there was an arrangement for stay of 10, 000 people every day as per their requirement and protocol. All arrangements like light ,AC, Bed, Bed, Coolers, Fan, Bathrooms, toilets was done by us as per the category of the residential accommodation.  

We have also done arrangement for Bhandara where daily approximately 1 lack people use to eat the food. We have hired cooks from the different area of country to prepare food for the followers. And because of the coordination of volunteers and team workers the bhandaara activity was managed smoothly with the great support of local administration and local volunteers. Apart from this, every day there was a VIP catering for esteemed delegates.

Light, sound and flower arrangement was also done by our team. As it was a huge area, we appointed experienced and technically skilled people to cater these services. And all the services was been appreciated by visitors, VIPs and artists (who were performing internationally).

The most important part is advertising of the event for the high impact and publicity which was been executed hugely all over the area through every mean like Hoardings, Pole kiosk, Cut outs, Pamphlets, Welcome gates, Railway Stations, Trains, Radio, News paper etc.

The whole atmosphere was overall giving everyone a divine sentience because of the discipline and arrangements maintained by us.  In nutshells we can very well explain ourselves as successful managers who have managed all thick and thin for the events on every hand with supportive, dynamic, hardworking and committed team.